Episode 34: Boarsdraft Playtest 1E


A playtest of JB Mannon’s wizard boarding school RPG Boarsdraft. Dan is the GM, Leo and Nolan are the players, and we’re continuing the story from episodes 30, 31, 32, and 33.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:37 Getting started
0:01:41 Christmas with Bran
0:23:43 Christmas with Gordon
0:35:57 Thrashing a bit about how to frame the next scene
0:45:00 Breakfast assembly
0:58:08 Theory of Magic
1:22:27 Hanging with the bad crowd
1:36:31 Madris’s Lost Laboratory
1:58:11 To the Potions classroom!
2:07:18 To the kitchen!
2:16:47 Showdown with Jacobus Quigg
2:30:19 Discussion
3:01:21 Outro

There’s a Story-Games thread discussing our playtesting.

There’s a discussion forum for Designer vs. Reality on RPGCrosstalk.

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