Episode 32: Boarsdraft Playtest 1C


A playtest of JB Mannon’s wizard boarding school RPG Boarsdraft. Dan is the GM, Leo and Nolan are the players, and we’re continuing the story from episodes 30 and 31.

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:42 Abjuration class
0:24:41 Library
0:53:56 Lunch
1:09:05 Discussing some issues
1:31:07 Magical History class
1:45:20 Talking in the hallway
1:52:06 Evocation class
2:00:59 Flying class
2:16:45 Halloween bonfire
2:28:07 Fleeing Ermo
2:39:17 Discussion
3:00:15 Outro

There’s a Story-Games thread discussing our playtesting.

There’s a discussion forum for Designer vs. Reality on RPGCrosstalk.

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