Episode 31: Boarsdraft Playtest 1B


A playtest of JB Mannon’s wizard boarding school RPG Boarsdraft. Dan is the GM, Leo and Nolan are the players, and we’re continuing the story we started in episode 30. Unfortunately it’s a session that had a clunky, low-energy beginning and had to be cut short before we really got any momentum, but there’s some interesting discussion about things that are giving us trouble with the game.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:56 Getting started
0:06:41 Actual play  resumes
0:23:29 Play sort of grinds to a halt
0:35:42 Discussion
0:54:41 Outro

There’s a Story-Games thread discussing our first session which will probably continue with discussion about this one.

There’s a discussion forum for Designer vs. Reality on RPGCrosstalk.

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