Best Online RPG Games

Top 35 Free MMO and RPG (Free to Play) Without Subscription on PC

You like MMO and RPGs; you have (much) time and (very little) money? You should like these games. Without paying for a monthly subscription (like for WoW), these free MMORPGs can offer you enough to waste many hours. After, if you want to accelerate the development of your personality, you can also pay.


A heavyweight in the MMORPG fantasy that comes to us from South Korea. A rare fact in the free MMORPGs, this one has received rather good reviews from the specialized press.

Guardians of Ember

The cross between a Diablo and World of Warcraft. That’s a promise!

League of Angels III

An extremely popular MMORPG in China played directly on the web browser.

Fairy Tail Online

For and only for fans of the famous manga/anime. +50 playable characters. Directly playable on a web browser.

Conqueror’s Blade

An MMO in a huge medieval open world where you have to fight for territories and large seats.


Forget Destiny; the best FPS MMORPG is Warframe.


MMORPG in a post-apocalyptic universe for anime fans.


A free MMORPG in the universe of the cult series Neverwinter Nights.


A free MMORPG all in pixel voxel that looks like a certain Minecraft.

World of Tanks

A tank is fighting MMO FPS that has won many awards since its release, in 2009!



World of Warships

For fans of maritime warfare, large ships and submarines.


A vehicle fighting game in a post-apo MMO universe. Perfect for Mad Max fans.

Soul Calibur

An MMORPG that takes over the characters from the famous fight game. A book for the fans.

Runes of Magic

Oldies but goodies.


A real-time strategy game on a web browser for fans of Ancient Greece.

Great Fantasia

A very anime/manga style MMORPG.

AION: the Tower of Eternity

A cult MMORPG in South Korea, which came free in 2012.

Blood Rites

Another free MMORPG against a background of a heroic fantasy universe.


A very cute role-playing game for anime fans.

The Lord Of The Rings Online

For all fans of the famous license.

Blade & Soul

Fiesta Online

An Anime MMORPG, which is often updated, with a very active community.


A free fantasy MMORPG cult that continues to be popular despite its age.


A Korean MMORPG in graphic style animates.

Albion Online

Age of Conan

A free MMORPG in the universe of Conan The Barbarian. Cult, and always very followed.

EVE Online

Space MMO number 1: space exploration, PVP or EVP battles, mining, industry, and dynamic economy.

Path of Exile

Not an MMORPG, but a Super-Full, Free Online Diablo-like and just as fun as the Blizzard title.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Has aged, but it is the only official MMO of the Star Wars license.

Star Conflict

An RPG action MMO in a space universe.


An oriental RPG, with big dragons … and some graphics that got old.


A real-time MMO space strategy, playable on a web browser.

War Thunder

A war simulation MMO (air, land, and naval combat) based on World War II.