Episode 27: Brick and Mortar Playtest 1

A playtest session with two playthroughs of Brick & Mortar: Last of the Independents designed by Dan Maruschak for the April 2011 round of The Ronnies. Leo, Nolan, and Dan are the players.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:20 Getting Started
0:02:52 First Session Pre-Play
0:06:33 First Session Actual Play
0:27:55 First Session Discussion
0:38:09 Second Session Pre-Play
0:39:48 Second Session Actual Play
0:54:20 Second Session Discussion
1:09:28 Outro

Discuss the show in the discussion forum on RPGCrosstalk!

(here’s the discussion thread on The Forge)


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  1. Brick & Mortar Playtest Says:

    […] playtesting of Brick & Mortar: Last of the Independents. Audio from the session is posted as Episode 27 of the Designer vs. Reality podcast and there’s a discussion thread on The Forge where I […]

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