Final Hour of a Storied Age 0.68


A new playtest draft of my epic fantasy roleplaying game is available: Final Hour of a Storied Age rev 0.68. The new draft has been revised for clarity but doesn’t have any mechanical changes from 0.67.

Changes in 0.68:

  • Clarified: viewpoint dice –> story dice, adversity dice –> story dice
  • Clarified: story dice and active traits don’t cross chapters
  • Added examples to playing out an exchange
  • Added examples to spending story dice
  • Added rules summary to Starting a New Chapter
  • Added rules summary to Playing Out a Chapter
  • Expanded play advice section

The default PDF has digest-sized pages which are meant to be read in 2-up view. The pages fit side-by-side on a landscape oriented 8.5×11 page, but it can be tricky to get the PDF to print out like that, so I created this printer-friendly version, too: rev 0.68 printer friendly (it also replaces the shaded boxes with outlines).


My web presence


My “web presence” is kind of a mess right now. I originally started blogging at maruschak.wordpress.com when I decided to start posting my daily wordcounts to motivate my fiction writing. I decided to try my hand at RPG design by participating in Game Chef 2009, which required the participants to start a new blog, so I created dansdesigns.wordpress.com. Recently, I decided that I needed my own domain, so www.danmaruschak.com was born, but I haven’t figured out how to rationalize all of this yet. I may consolidate those other blogs here, or I may keep them separate.

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