On October 25, 2010, Leo Lalande, Nolan Callender, and I held a playtest session over skype of Final Hour of a Storied Age rev 0.66, continuing th story from our previous sessions (an audio recording of this session is available as episode 12 of the Designer vs. Reality podcast – listen to that first if you want to avoid spoilers!).

Chapter 13
Viewpoint: Nolan 7,4. Leo 11,1. Dan 8,6.
Adversity: Nolan 4,1. Dan 17,8.

Zheng Long’s army is still camped near the Ice Clan capital. [I spend my 17 to bring in Lin Bai. This distance tax is zero, but we decide that it’s unexpected for her to attack the camp rather than wait inside her city, so I pay a plausibility tax of 1. I activate her Clan Leader at d8, Power of Ice and Snow at d6, and Protective at d6.] Snow begins to fall from the night sky [Power of Ice and Snow d6], but the quiet is pierced by a battle cry as a party of Ice Clan warriors charges into the camp [Clan Leader d8]. [Leo spends his 11 to activate Brilliant Strategist at d8 and Loyal Army at d6] Zheng Long orders his most loyal troops [Loyal Army d6] to leave the camp to make his main force appear weak and while simultaneously outflanking the attackers [Brilliant Strategist d8]. [Leo 5,2 vs. Dan 7,3. I win and bump my Power of Ice and Snow to d8, Leo exhausts his Loyal Army] Although Zheng Long’s flanking troops would be well positioned on normal terrain, the preternatural snow manages to make the ground so treacherous that they end up effectively cut off from the battle. The weather intensifies, with a driving sleet mixing with the snow [Power of Ice and Snow d8] as the Ice Clan warriors [Clan Leader d8] rampage through the center of Zheng Long’s camp. [Leo spends his 1 to activate Loyal Army at d6] Zheng Long’s loyal troops [Loyal Army d6], experienced with ice and snow, are merely delayed where other men would have been stopped and manage to come in behind the Ice Clan, completing the pincer maneuver that Zheng Long had planned [Brilliant Strategist d8]. [Leo 5,1 vs. Dan 6,1. I win, both traits are already at max, and Leo doesn’t exhaust any] A wild melee ensues in the center of Zheng Long’s camp, with tents knocked over and untethered horses screaming and running in terror. Lin Bai, satisfied that chaos has been sown in the camp and protective [d6] of her men [Clan Leader d8], orders a controlled withdrawal back to the safety of her city walls. Seeing the withdrawl, Zheng Long cleverly [Brilliant Strategist d8] orders some of his scouts [Loyal Army d6] to try to blend into the mass of men and sneak into the city with them, [Leo 6,6 vs. Dan 8,2. I win and would advance a trait, but it’s the third win in a row so it doesn’t matter] but the scouts are spotted, and Lin Bai’s troops manage to return to their city with Zheng Long’s army in disarray [I win as adversity player and add the d20 to my third plot stage. I also spend my other story die to make Lin Bai ideologically aligned with the protagonist.].

Chapter 14
Viewpoint: Nolan 9,4. Leo 10,6. Dan 6,3.
Adversity: Nolan 9,2. Dan 7,3.

Zheng Long is in his army camp, attempting to rally his troops after the chaotic raid, hoping to set up a blockade of the city. [Nolan spends his 9 to bring in Chen Lim with no tax, activating his Disreputable at d8] Chen Lim, never one to waste the opportunity provided by misfortune [Disreputable d8], is moving among the troops claiming credit for Zheng Long’s good ideas while recounting Zheng Long’s failures. [Leo spends his 10 to activate Intimidating Countenance at d8 and Ambitious at d6] Scowling with menace [Intimidating Countenace d8], Zheng Long confronts Chen Lim and says, “This is my army and my war [Ambitious d6]. You will not supplant me.” [Leo 4,4 vs. Nolan 6. Nolan wins but can’t bump his trait because it’s already at d8. Leo exhausts both traits.] Unfortunately, Zheng Long chose the worst time to confront Chen Lim, as he is surrounded by his cronies who close ranks behind him and build his confidence to stand against Zheng Long. Chen Lim brazenly [Disreputable d8] decries Zheng Long right in front of him, openly questioning whether he is worthy of the army’s loyalty. [Leo spends his 6 to activate Loyal Army at d8] “Who is it that led this army at the battle of Zhan Hu?” Zheng Long demands. “It was me. Who led this army at the battle of Kin Gou? It was me. I led this army to many victories in many battles, and that is why they are loyal to me [Loyal Army d8].” [Leo 6 vs. Nolan 1. Leo wins but is already at d8. Nolan’s Disreputable is exhausted.] The men nod along with Zheng Long’s words, acknowledging the truth of them and letting the steam out of Chen Lim’s efforts to undermine the general. [Nolan spends his 2 to activate Chen Lim’s Ambitious at d8] Unwilling to cede the opportunity, Chen Lim boldly [Ambitious d8] claims that he was the one truly responsible for those victories because the plans would have failed without his planning and advice. “Think back, Chen Lim, you weren’t even with the army [d8] for all of those battles,” Zheng Long replies. [Leo 8 vs. Nolan 6. Leo wins, Nolan’s last trait is exhausted.] Humiliated, Chen Lim hangs his head in shame and skulks off. [Leo wins as viewpoint and advances on stage in his plot]

Chapter 15
Viewpoint: Nolan 15,8. Leo 7,7. Dan 10,8.
Adversity: Leo 11,5,2. Dan 6,5.

Zheng Wei begins climbing back up the mountain toward the cave. [Leo spends his 11 to create a d6 active threat: an avalanche] From the mountain above, an ominous rumbling alerts Wei to the avalanche [d6] tumbling toward him. [Nolan spends his 15 at activate all of his traits: Sword of Fire at d8, Loved by the Rightful Queen at d6, Accomplished Warrior at d6, and Trickster at d4] Wei holds his sword [d8] in front of him and channels his passion and determination [Loved by the Rightful Queen d6] through it to cocoon himself in a bubble of fire. [Nolan 8,2 vs. Leo 1. Nolan wins and bumps Loved by the Rightful Queen up to d8. Leo’s avalanche is exhausted.] The avalance tumbles and roars past but Wei is protected inside his flaming shield. [Leo spends his 5 to create a d4 passive threat: buried in snow] Although it can’t penetrate the shield, the huge mass of snow manages to cover it, burying Wei. He again focuses his will [Loved by the Rightful Queen d8] through the sword [d8], causing a stream of fire to extend from the tip, tunneling through the snow to the surface. [Nolan 5,5 vs. Leo 3. Nolan wins but can’t bump any traits, Leo exhausts.] Wei climbs through the tunnel and begins making his way back up the mountain. [Leo spends his 2 to introduce a d4 passive threat: obscuring snowfull] Unfortunately, the avalanche has kicked so much snow into the air that Wei’s vision is obscured, making it difficult to know which way to go. Waving his burning blade [Sword of Fire d8] ahead of him, Wei relies on his warrior’s instincts and years of travel in harsh conditions to see him through [Nolan 6,3 vs. Leo 4. Nolan wins, his third in a row, so he wins the chapter] and makes his way back to the mouth of the cave.

Chapter 16
Viewpoint: Nolan 15. Leo 2,2. Dan 9,3.
Adversity: Leo 5,4,2. Dan 6,4.

At the mouth of the cave [I spend my 6 to activate Lin Xun’s Outcast at d8], Wei spies Lin Xun who says, “This cave is my home [Outcast d8], why do you seek to take it from me?” [Nolan spends his 15 to activate Trickster at d8, Loved by the Rightful Queen at d6, Accomplished Warrior at d6, and Sword of Fire at d4] “It is not your home that I seek to take from you,” Wei answers. “The philosopher Lee Tai used his fire to guide me here in order to prove to him that I am the one who deserves to use the magic ring. If you mean to stand in my way, I would advise against it [Accomplished Warrior d6]. It is for love of the queen [Loved by the Rightful Queen d6] and the good of the country that I do what I do. You must let me pass.” [Nolan 6,4 vs. Dan 4. Nolan wins and bumps Accomplished Warrior to d8. I am not exhausted.] Lin Xun sees the logic in what Wei says and allows him to enter the cave. “Love is a wonderful thing,” Lin Xun concedes. “It has been many years since I’ve even known friendship [Outcast d8], let alone love.” Wei sees the depths of Lin Xun’s loneliness and desire for conversation, but also feels the pull to press onward with his quest. “Oh, that’s so sad,” Wei lies. “I am sure that once I achieve power I will be able to return you to the good graces of your people. [Trickster d8]” [Nolan 1 vs. Dan 4. I win but my trait is already maxed out. Nolan exhausts Trickster.] Lin Xun sees right through the deception. “Oh, that’s how it is. You think you can just dismiss me and that I’m not important?” [I spend my 4 to activate Power of Ice and Snow at d6] Lin Xun grows angry again. “The power of fire isn’t the only power in this land. If you wish to learn of magic in my home [Outcast d8] you must contend with my magic first!” The air begins to chill [Power of Ice and Snow d6]. “I’m not afraid of you [Accomplished Warrior d8],” Wei says as he brandishes the Sword of Fire [I think it should be d4, but I think Nolan rolled a d6], daring Lin Xun to come at him again. [Nolan 4,2 vs Dan 7,2. I win an bump my Power of Ice and Snow to d8. Nolan doesn’t exhaust.]

Far from backing down, Lin Xun proclaims, “Do you think I feel fire? The Ring of Ice is everywhere and my power is attuned to it so I have no fear of heat or flame [Power of Ice and Snow d8]. You should stop this foolishness and act the proper guest.” Wei grits his teeth and responds, “Your power may be everywhere, but this sword [d6] is a symbol of my love for the queen and her love for me [d6], and if you have any love left for this country you’ll back down and allow me to accomplish what must be accomplished. If not I will smite you if necessary [Accomplished Warrior d8].” [Nolan 7,4,2 vs. Dan 5. Nolan wins and bumps Sword of Fire to d8. I don’t exhaust.] The Sword of Fire once again responds to the intensity of Wei’s love and erupts into a font of flame that causes Lin Xun to flinch backward. Lin Xun realizes the seriousness of the threat he faces, so he springs forward and grabs Wei by the shoulders. The air whirls with ice and snow, and the two of them seem to waver back and forth between the real world and a vast, featureless plain of ice as Lin Xun tries to cast out Zheng Wei into the Ring of Ice and Snow [Outcast d8 and Power of Ice and Snow d8]. Drawing on his focus and experience [Accomplished Warrior d8], Wei fixes an image of the queen in his mind [Loved by the Rightful Queen d6], hoping to anchor himself in the real world. [Nolan 7,3 vs. Dan 7,2. Nolan wins and bumps Loved by the Rightful Queen to d8. I exhaust Outcast]. Wei holds firm, and Lin Xun is exhausted from the effort. Regardless, the intense expression of icy magic has caused the entire cave to ice over, and Wei is disoriented by shining reflections of his sword in countless ice crystals [Power of Ice and Snow d8]. We shoves his Sword of Fire [d8] into the ground, pouring all of his passion [Loved by the Rightful Queen d8] into it, pitting the two magics against each other. [Nolan 6,1 vs. Dan 6. Nolan wins, the third in a row.] Waves of heat radiate from the sword, melting the ice. [Nolan wins the chapter and advances his plot, which also completes his Get the Fire Mages to Reveal the Location of the Magic Ring segment] Lin Xun relents and agrees to help Wei find the stone tablet deep in the cave. The two of them use their respective powers of heat and cold to crack it open. Inside, Wei finds a ring which will give him access to the realm of fire. [For completing a segment, Nolan gets two traits worth of special effects. He changes Loved by the Rightful Queen to Ring of Fire and moves Lin Xun to ideologically aligned with the protagonist.]

Chapter 17
Viewpoint: Nolan 3. Leo 3,1. Dan 4,4.
Adversity: Nolan 8,7. Leo 11,11,8.

At the Fire Temple, Lee Chang [Leo spends an 11 to activate Lee Tai’s Ancient and Wise at d8 and Gold and Jewels at d6] is approached by Lee Tai, who says, “If you wish to find this knowledge that you seek, which I admit we have been concealing from you, you can find it. But you must do the work yourself to attain it – the wisdom of the ancients [Ancient and Wise d8] lies within our libary, and it is at your disposal… for a price [Gold and Jewels d6].” [I spend a 4 to activate Idealism at d8] “Lee Tai,” Lee Chang responds, “the time has come for you to stop making others run in circles for your own amusement [Idealism d8]. You know what the information is, so just tell me now without any more of your games.” [Dan 2 vs. Leo 5,3. Leo wins and advances Gold and Jewels to d8, my Idealism is exhausted] “Wisdom only comes with hard work,” Lee Tai responds. “To gain wisdom [Ancient and Wise d8] along with the knowledge you seek you must acquire it with your own sweat. The price has just gone up [Gold and Jewels d8].” [I spend a 4 to activate Fire Magic at d8] “If the answer is in here,” Lee Chang says pointing to the library, “then surely it is the most valuable thing our order possesses, and will thus be the first thing you try to save when I do this!” He unleashes a torrent of magical fire upon the racks of carefully stacked scrolls. [Dan 4 vs. Leo 5,3. Leo wins but is already maxed out. I don’t exhaust.] “Lee Chang,” the old philosopher scolds, “do you truly think we are foolish enough to store the only copies here? We have others, in safe places.” [Leo spends his 8 to activate Lee Tai’s Fire Magic at d6] Lee Tai pits his own magic [Fire Magic d6] against the young upstart’s. Lee Chang responds in kind, and the two are locked in a war of wills [Fire Magic d8]. [Dan 7 vs. Leo 1. I win but am maxed out, Leo’s Fire Magic is exhausted] To the suprise of the old philosopher, Lee Chang’s magic proves more powerful. “If these are not the only copies, why do you fear their destruction? No, I think this is another one of your tricks, and these truly are the only copies.” [Leo spends an 11 to activate Fire Magic at d6 and Philosopher at d4] Lee Tai scowls. “Although we have copies elsewhere, it is much wiser [Ancient and Wise d8] to protect what we have rather than rebuild the library later. The cost would be great, and we should not bear it if we do not need to, even though we can [Gold and Jewels d8]. You are insolent.” Lee Tai unleashes a flash of fire at Lee Chang’s eyes. Lee Chang shouts back, “You speak of costs when it would be far cheaper to simply tell me what I need to know! But if you insist on doing it this way, we can!” He hurls a ball of fire at the old monk. [Dan 3 vs. Leo 5,3,1. Leo wins. We mistakenly thought it was his third win in a row.] Lee Tai’s flare blinds Lee Chang who stumbles to his knees. Lee Tai grabs him by the hair and says, “Your youthful exhuberance is admirable, but your insolence will be your undoing.” He waves his hand and the flames in the library are extinguished. [We thought Leo won the chapter. He adds a d10 viewpoint die to his third phase]

Chapter 18
Viewpoint: Nolan 8. Leo 10,7. Dan 3,2.
Adversity: Nolan 10,8. Dan 11,6.

In his army camp, Zheng Long is overseeing a blockade of the Ice Clan capital [I spend my 11 to activate Chen Lim’s Quartermaster at d8 and Disreputable at d6] when he gets word that his direputable [d6] quartermaster [d8] Chen Lim is operating a black market, selling vital supplies to the Ice Clan around the blockade. [Leo spends his 10 to activate Brilliant Strategist at d8 and Abmitious at d6] Hoping to turn Chen Lim’s treachery into an advantage, Zheng Long cleverly [Brilliant Strategist d8] orders his spies to inflitrate the black market and use it as cover to make their way into the city he hopes to conquer [Ambitious d6]. [Leo 5,2 vs. Dan 8,4. I win and advance Disreputable to d8. Leo exhausts Ambitious]. The spies make no progress. In fact, Chen Lim hauls one of them by the scruff of the neck up to Zheng Long. “General, this man was caught trying to pilfer supplies [Quartermaster d8] to sell to the enemy,” Chen Lim says smarmily [Disreputable d8]. “What are you going to do about it?” [Leo spends his 7 to activate Loyal Army at d6] “Of course he did this,” Zheng Long announces. “He is one of my loyal [d6] spies, and does so at my orders [Brilliant Strategist d8].” [Leo 8,6 vs. Dan 7,6. Leo wins and bumps Loyal Army to d8. I don’t exhaust.] Zheng Long chuckles. “Once again you underestimate the loyalty of my men, and the subtlty of my strategies. Go ahead and continue your black market. I will merely use it to my advantage.” Chen Lim does indeed continue it, and Zheng Long is surprised a few days later to hear his men grumbling about the quality of the rations. It seems that Chen Lim has taken the highest quality supplies and sold them to the Ice Clan [Direputable d8 Quartermaster d8], leaving only nearly-rancid meat and mealy grain for Zheng Long’s troops. Zheng Long dispatches his scouts [Loyal Army d8] to raid any passing merchants for their supplies [Brilliant Strategist d8] [Leo 2,1 vs. Dan 8,8. I win but am maxed out. Leo exhausts both traits. He doesn’t have any more so I win the chapter], but the scouts fail to find any merchants to raid. The grumbling among the troops increases as they realize the black market that Zheng Long gave his blessing to is causing their deprivation and strengthening the enemy at the same time. [I won ad adversity player. I take the d12 for the first stage of my complication segment]

Chapter 19
Viewpoint: Nolan 5,4. Leo 9,2. Dan 3,1.
Adversity: Nolan 9,3. Dan 3,1.

Zheng Long confronts Chen Lim, [Nolan spends his 9 to activate Disreputable at d8] but the lietenant denies any wrongdoing [Disreputable d8]. [Leo spends his 9 to activate Intimidating Countenance at d8] Zheng Long grabs Chen Lim around the neck and roars [Intimidating Countenance d8], “Don’t play games with me.” [Leo 5 vs. Nolan 1. Leo wins and Nolan exhausts. Leo uses his 2 to move Chen Lim’s alignment track to ideologically aligned with the antagonist] Zheng Long’s intimidating presence finally cows his recalcitrant lieutenant. [Nolan sepnds his 3 to introduce a d4 passive threat: hunger] Even with the pilfering stopped, the damage is already done: the troops are desperately hungry [d4]. Zheng Long tightens his grip around Chen Lim’s neck and says simply, “Fix this [Intimidating Countenance d8].” [Leo 7 vs. Nolan 1. Leo wins, Nolan exhausts. Nolan doesn’t have anything else so Leo wins the chapter.] With his attentions properly focused, Chen Lim shows why he was made quartermaster in the first place and manages to scrounge enough to satisfy the men. [Leo wins as viewpoint player and advances one stage in his plot].

Chapter 20
Viewpoint: Nolan 2. Leo 1,1. Dan 4,2.
Adversity: Nolan 8,3. Leo 10,8,8.

At the Fire Temple [Leo spends an 8 to create a d4 passive threat: blindness], Lee Chang realizes that Lee Tai’s magical attack has been rendered him blind [d4]. [I spend my 4 to activate Meticulous Mind at d8] Remembering every detail of the rules of the order [Meticulous Mind d8], Lee Chang recalls that the monks are required to help those in need. He spreads word that, being blind, he requires assistance in his research. [Dan 4 vs Leo 3. I win but am already maxed out. Leo’s blindness is exhausted.] A veritable army of monks-in-training move in and out of the library, reading scrolls to Lee Chang. [Leo spends an 8 to introduce a d4 passive threat: scrolls in unknown language] Unfortunately, many of the scrolls are in a language that none of the younger monks speak. Lee Chang meticulously [d8] notes down each word so that he can ask the older monks what they mean, [Dan 3 vs. Leo 3. Leo wins and bumps his scrolls to d6. I don’t exhaust] but his blindness affects his writing, and the other monks don’t feel that their obligation to help extends to that [unknown language scrolls d6]. Lee Chang begins sorting the scrolls based on language [Meticulous Mind d8], reasoning that if Lee Tai expected him to find the answer then it must be on one of the scrolls in a language that is known. [Dan 7 vs. Leo 6. I win, Leo exhausts.] Chang manages to sort the scrolls, narrowing his search to only those that are readable. [Leo spends his 10 to activate Lee Tai’s Fire Magic at d8 and Philosopher at d6] His eyesight begins to return, just in time to see Lee Tai approach. “You are persistent, I will give you that,” the old man says. “That scroll there is the one you seek. But can you read it fast enough?” He points his finger and a corner of the page bursts into flame [Fire Magic d8]. [I spend my 2 to activate Youthful Exhuberance at d6] Applying all of his focus [Meticulous Mind d8] and energy [Youthful Exhuberance d6], Lee Chang begins reading the scroll as fast as he can, [Dan 2,1 vs. Leo 5. Leo wins, I exhaust. I’m out so he wins the chapter.] but it isn’t fast enough – the dry, ancient paper turns to ashes before his eyes as the flames race across it, obliterating anything he might have learned. “Look within yourself for the answer,” Lee Tai lectures. “It’s really not that difficult to find.” [Leo wins as adversity. He takes the d20 viewpoint die for his fourth stage.]

Chapter 21
Viewpoint: Nolan 4. Leo 9,8. Dan 8,7.
Adversity: Nolan 6,1. Dan 5,3.

With his attempts at infiltration by subterfuge continually thwarted, Zheng Long assembles a group of his most skilled scouts and spies and orders them to make their way into the city by stealth. [Nolan spends his 6 on a d4 passive threat: lack of intelligence about city] Unfortunately, the task is complicated by a lack of intelligence about what they’ll find inside the city [lack of intelligence d4] because they’ve not yet been able to get past the walls. [Leo spends his 8 to activate Loyal Army at d8] Nevertheless, Zheng Long orders his men [Loyal Army d8] to go through with the plan [Leo 4 vs. Nolan 3. Leo wins but is already maxed out. Nolan exhausts.] and the scouts make their way in. Once they’ve gotten past the walls they are able to gather valuable intelligence about the defenders that will let Zheng Long crack the city wide open. [Nolan spends his 1 for a d4 passive threat: changing of the guards] But, on their way out, they realize that the guards that patrol the walls have shifted to a new routine [d4], complicating their escape. They quietly move up behind the patrols that are giving them trouble [Loyal Army d8] [Leo 7 vs. Nolan 3. Leo wins, Nolan is exhausted and has no more traits.] and slit their throats. The scouts make it out and back to Zheng Long’s camp where they deliver their report. [Leo won the chapter and completes a stage. This finishes his first plot segment: Conquer the Ice Kingdom] Zheng Long orders his assault on the city, employing the intelligence his men gathered to devastating effect, crushing the Ice Clan defences. He has Lin Bai forced to her knees in surrender, and then dispatches her to a dungeon, where she won’t be heard from again [Completing a segment gives Leo two traits worth of special effects which he uses to “thwart an NPC” on Lin Bai, meaning it will be considered surprising for her to appear in the story again].

Chapter 22
Viewpoint: Nolan 3. Leo 14,10,10. Dan 7,2.
Adversity: Nolan 9,7. Dan 9,8.

With the Ice Clan subjugated, Zheng Long takes his army to the docks and boards them onto ships to sail toward the fire temple. [I spend my 8 to introduce a d4 passive threat: choppy seas] The seas are rough, as the ships are bucked and tossed on angry waves [choppy seas d4]. [Leo spends a 10 to activate Ambitious at d8 and Loyal Army at d6] Zheng Long cares nothing for the hardships, only for his goal of bringing the fire wielders under his control [Ambitious d8], and orders the ships to stay the course. [Leo 6 vs. Dan 3. Leo wins, I exhaust.] The ships sail across the sea and as far upriver as they are able, and the army disembarks in the foothills around the mountain of the fire temple. [I spend my 9 to introduce a d4 passive threat: narrow and treacherous paths] The paths that lead up the mountain are notoriously narrow and treacherous [d4], making it difficult to move an army through. Despite the danger, Zheng Long’s army follows him [Loyal Army d8] upward toward the temple that he yearns to conquer [Ambitious d6]. [Leo 4,3 vs. Dan 1. Leo wins, I exhaust. I’m out of traits so Leo wins the chapter.] They arrive at the temple and begin preparations for the attack [Leo wins as viewpoint and advances one stage in his plot].

Chapter 23
Viewpoint: Nolan 9. Leo 6. Dan 5,3.
Adversity: Leo 6,5,2. Dan 4,3.

After placing the physical ring on his finger, Zheng Wei finds himself within the ring of fire, an otherworldy realm of heat and flame. [Leo spends his 2 on a d4 passive threat: shadows of the real world] In the flames, Wei sees a shadowy vision of Zheng Long’s army approaching the fire temple [shadows of the real word d4], a distraction from his desire to master this place. [Nolan spends his 9 to activate Accomplished Warrior at d8] Wei has forced himself to wait many times [Accomplished Warrior d8], and knows that rushing to face his brother now would be a mistake. [Nolan 3 vs Leo 2. Nolan wins but is maxed out, Leo exhausts.] Zheng Wei turns away from his brother and begins to move deeper into the alien reality he finds himself in. [Leo spends his 5 to introduce a d4 passive threat: physically ill] The constantly shifting terrain is disorienting, and Zheng Wei finds himself physically ill [d4] from the prolonged exposure. As an accomplished warrior [d8], Zheng Wei has endured sickness during battle before, [Nolan 6 vs. Leo 2. Nolan wins but is maxed out, Leo exhausts.] and journeys deeper into the realm of fire. Fiery orbs float through the space around him as he gets farther and farther from the real world. [Leo spends his 6 to introduce a d4 passive threat: getting lost] In this fiery dreamscape, Wei realizes that he has no solid reference points to find his way back [getting lost d4], but he has been in the thick of battle before [Accomplished Warrior d8] and knows that sometimes you have to risk the future to gain the moment. He pushes deeper. [Nolan 7 vs. Leo 1. Nolan wins, his third in a row] Zheng Wei goes so far into the fire realm that there is no longer any semblance of the real world.