This is a text synopsis of the session that was released as Episode 2 of the Designer vs. Reality Podcast.

On Wednesday November 25, 2009, I had an approximately 4 hour playtest session of Final Hour of a Storied Age (rev 0.41 of the rules) with Jeff, Wil, and me (Dan) played over Skype.

A new Storied Age story starts with seed generation. We rolled on the theme table to get our lists of words, and then arranged them in a way that inspired us to write evocative sentences. Here are the results:

Dan: Large Mountain Female Belief Power Sword –> “A giantess believes that military might is the only solution”. 6 intersections.

Dan: Inherit Poor Gold Responsibility Prophecy Fire –> “A dwarf has inherited a failing gold mine where the fires of prophecy burn”. 2 intersections.

Dan: Ice Crown Blood Corruption –> “The royal family of the frigid northern kingdom is afflicted with a blood plague”. 0 intersections.

Wil: Male Division Ice Sword Power –> “A man of divided heritage comes down to civilized lands from the northern wastes to claim his father’s sword of power.” 1 Intersection.

Jeff: Poor Belief Summer Inherit Female Hate –> “The peasants of a kingdom now believe the mantle of summer should not be inherited by a new queen due to her hatred of them.” 2 intersections.

Jeff: Prophecy Forest Family Blood –> “The prophets of the forest see its royal family of elves being overthrown in a river of blood”. 1 intersection.

I become the protagonist because my “giantess” seed has the most intersections. Jeff’s “mantle of summer” seed has the second most intersections, so that defines the antagonist. We brainstormed for a few minutes, and determined that Jeff’s queen wants to acquire the Mantle of Summer, which will allow her to magically control the Creatures of Summer, which includes the giants. My giantess must stop that to protect her people. We decided that the Mantle of Summer is an actual artifact, but it requires the approval of a council of elders to use, followed by an elaborate ritual. Wil is a supporting character, based on his “claim the father’s sword” seed.

With the primary plot defined, we statted out characters.

Jeff’s Character: Queen Rosheen. Vain 3d6. Plotter 2d8. Horsemanship 2d8. Royal Guard 1d10.
Jeff’s Plot: Acquire the Artifact, Sway the Council, Perform Ritual.

Dan’s Character: Brunhild: Giantess 1d10. Strength 2d8. Lorekeeper of the People 2d8. Contemplative 3d6.
Dan’s Plot: Escape the Chaos, Become Chief, War!

Wil’s Character: Agnar: Courtly 1d10. Barbarian 2d8. Crafty 2d8. Vengeance 2d6.
Wil’s Plot: Acquire the sword

We destributed the starting Spotlight and Adversity tokens and started playing.

Chapter 1
Starting tokens: Dan 4s0a, Wil 0s4a, Jeff 2s2a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 0, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil 3, Jeff 1 (Wil gains 3 Spotlight)
Brunhild is in the giant village, where the giants have been enslaved by the kingdom of Halvak to work in the mines. Witnessing the atrocities of the slavers against the giants is a passive environmental threat, and Brunhild responds with her Lorekeeper trait, telling stories of the old times, and how the giants were once a proud and noble people. (Dan 8,8 vs. Wil 3,3,1). The slavers come and whip Brunhild, an active threat. Brunhild, having Great Strength and being a Giantess, tries to endure this. (Dan 7,4,3 vs. Wil 4,4). Armed guards come in as another active threat, and the Contemplative Brunhild considers that even if her spirit can’t be broken, the other giants may pay a price for her defiance, and she has a responsibility to them as Lorekeeper. (Dan 6,5,?,?,? vs. Wil 6,6,4,2). I have a net of one victory token, which I spend to advance my plot by one step, since Brunhild is realizing that the situation is too horrible to be allowed to continue.

Chapter 2
Current tokens: Dan 5s0a, Wil 3s3a, Jeff 1s3a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 3, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil N/A, Jeff 4 (Jeff gains 4 Spotlight)
Agnar is inside the walls of the main city of Halvak, asking around after his father. Some guards come over to hassle him, an active threat. Agnar is Courtly and Crafty, and wants to talk his way out of it. (Wil 8,4,1 vs. Jeff 5,1). Agnar convinces them to leave him alone. Continuing the search, Agnar winds up at a bar, since the bartender Pete is supposed to know where Agnar’s father Arbald is. Pete is reluctant to talk, but Agnar is an intimidating Barbarian. (Wil 7,7 vs. Jeff 8,3). Pete, however, has seen bigger, and he calls one of his large friends over to ask Agnar to leave. Being Courtly and Crafty, Agnar believes that if he puts up a strong enough show of strength as a Vengeful Barbarian they will back down. (Wil 9,8,?,?,?,1 vs. Jeff 5,5,2,1). Pete says that Arbald is being held in the dungeon of the main tower of the city. Agnar leaves the bar to infiltrate the tower, but some guards spot him. Agnar, being Crafty and Courtly, has lots of experiencing dodging royal guards, so he attempts to evade them. Furthermore, he is a Barbarian, and will be able to outrun them even if he is spotted. (Wil 8,7,? vs. Jeff 5,3). Wil has a net of two victory tokens, which he spends to advance his plot by one step and also creates a new NPC based on one of the seeds, an elf noble who is imprisoned in the tower.

Seichi Nevertongue: Diplomat 1d10. Elf 2d8. Windspeaker 2d8. Hate for Halvak 3d6.

Chapter 3
Current tokens: Dan 6s0a, Wil 0s5a, Jeff 4s2a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 2, Wil 0, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil 3, Jeff 1 (Wil gains 3 Spotlight)
Brunhild is in the giant village, tending to the giants who were wounded by the slavemasters. The wounds are a passive threat, and Brunhild responds with Lorekeeper and the knowledge of giant physiology conferred by her Giantess trait. (Dan 7,6,?,1 vs. Wil 5,2,1). Brunhild patches up the worst of the wounds so that the giants will be well enough to work the next day and avoid being whipped again. The next day, the giants are sent into the deep mines. Rather than create an environmental threat, Wil decides to spend one token to create a character based on a seed to create the mountain range as a character, and another token to activate it. (This was interesting and unexpected, and I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the rules being used for this).

Spine of the World: Fiery Mountain 1d10. Goblins 2d8. Treacherous 2d8. Vast Riches 3d6.

The giants are after the Vast Riches, which is complicated by the Treacherous nature of the mountain, and the Goblins attack. Brunhild tries to use her Strength to see her through. (Dan 6,6 vs. Wil 8,6,?). While searching for the riches, the giants are assailed by rockslides as well as goblins, and several of the giants are injured. Those threats all continue, and Wil adds the passive threat of the structure of the mountain itself. Begin Contemplative, Brunhild takes a moment to come up with a plan. She decides to use her Strength to pull out some of the support beams in the mine tunnels, collapsing them on the goblins. (Dan 6,? vs. Wil 8,?). The collapsing plan backfires, cutting the giants off from the vast riches, but opening up an easier path for the goblins to attack the other giants back at the village. Wil spends his net 1 victory token to create the giants, and sets their friendship track to neutral (since we established in the setup that I hadn’t yet convinced the giants of my point of view).

Giants: Giant 1d10. Incredible Strength 2d8. Creatures of Summer 2d8. Stubborn 3d6.

Chapter 4
Current tokens: Dan 6s0a, Wil 3s4a, Jeff 3s3a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 1, Jeff 3
Adversity Bid: Wil 4, Jeff N/A (Wil gains 4 Spotlight)
Queen Rosheen, searching for the Mantle of Summer, has heard rumors that it may be hidden in the fabled Dwarf Mines. Wil activates the mountains. The Mantle may count as part of the Vast Riches, and the mountains are Treacherous. The queen’s Royal Guard and Horsemanship will see her through. (Jeff 7,5,3 vs. Wil 7,6,4,2,1). One of the guardsman plunges into a chasm on their way through. As they press onward, they are beset by goblins and their pet baslisk! Rosheen has her Royal Guard attack the goblins while she Plots and maneuvers so that the baslisk can’t use it’s deadly gaze. (Jeff 8,3,? vs. Wil 5,5,4,2). The guards push the goblins back, and some of the goblins get petrified by the baslisk in the confusion. Wil decides that Rosheen is approaching the mine, and wants to create the dwarf mentioned in the seed.

Mxener Goldhoarder: Unshakable Shackles 1d10. Dwarf 2d8. Mountain Dweller 2d8. Greed 3d6.

Mxener’s Greed is a problem for Rosheen, since he doesn’t want his stuff taken. The Fiery Mountains are also a problem, in addition to the Goblins and the baslisk. Jeff decides to introduce a character, too. He decides to hold up a dark mirror to Mxener, and creates his brother:

Mithin Goldhoarder: The Inquisitor 1d10. Dwarf 2d8. Mountain Dweller 2d8. Generosity 3d6.

(Jeff 9,? vs. Wil 7,6,?). Seeing that his brother has joined the fight, Mxener loses hope that he’ll be able to overcome them all and retreats, while Rosheen and Mithin force the goblins and the baslisk back from whence they came. Jeff spends his net 1 token to advance his plot.

Chapter 5
Current tokens: Dan 7s0a, Wil 6s2a, Jeff 0s5a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 5, Wil 4, Jeff 0
Adversity Bid: Wil 1, Jeff 5 (Jeff gains 5 Spotlight)
Brunhild and the giants are still down in the collapsed tunnels, trying to get to safety. The collapsed tunnels are a passive threat, which Brunhild addresses as a Giantess with her Strength. (Dan 6,3,2 vs. Jeff 5,5,3). Brunhild shifts the rocks out of the way and leads her people up to the surface. The slavers are unhappy that the giants have returned without the great riches, and try to beat them back into the mines (Wil made use of the “fan mail” mechanic to reduce the cost of Jeff’s new character by one).

Slavers: Summer Authority 3d6. Slavers 2d8. Giant Hatred 2d8. Whips 1d10.

They are Slavers and they attack the giants with their Whips. I activate the other giants, and use their Strength and Giant size in addition to Brunhild’s. (Dan 5,? vs. Jeff 7,?). The giants are forced back into the mines. Unfortunately, as the slavers are pushing them down, the goblins are coming up and the giants are caught in the middle, and must use their size and strength to fight. (Dan 8,? vs. Jeff 9,?). Things go poorly for the giants, but they are Stubborn and are willing to continue the fight.Brunhild is the Lorekeeper and tells them about the ancient ways of fighting goblins. The fight continues, although things are made worse for the giants by the passive environmental threat of stalactites, on which the giants keep bumping their heads. (Dan 8,8,? vs. Jeff 4,?,1). The giants force the goblins back far enough that they are able to slip away in a side tunnel, and then the goblins and slavers run into each other and start fighting amongst themselves. Being tied for victory tokens, I am allowed to convert my remaining chapter tokens into victory tokens, giving me three to spend. I advance my plot. I debated moving the mountains’ friendship track closer to me (which is legal according to the rules, since the rules never contemplated geographic features being “characters”) but Wil seemed uncomfortable with that, so I just moved the giants to Ideologically Aligned with Brunhild and set them to Travel Together.

Chapter 6
Current tokens: Dan 4s0a, Wil 2s3a, Jeff 5s2a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 1, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil 3, Jeff 1 (Wil gains 3 Spotlight)
Brunhild and the giants are exploring the caves, trying to find a way out that the slavers don’t know about. The mountain is Treacherous. Brunhild is the Lorekeeper of her People, and knows some old techniques. (Dan 3,1 vs. Wil 7,2). The old techniques don’t work, however. The giants get lost in a labyrinth and become Hungry but, as a Giantess, Brunhild is incredibly hardy and can go for a long time without food, and she is also Contemplative so she is willing to wait until a good solution comes to her. (Dan 6,6 vs. Wil 8,5,?,1). They are lost for a long time, and eventually resort to eating moss to sustain themselves. The giants move out onto the mountainside, only to be accosted by more goblins. Brunhild is a Giantess with great Strength, but the fight is difficult because of the Glaring Sunlight is in her eyes. (Dan 4,4,1 vs. Wil 5,4,?,1). Brunhild and the giants are beaten back, and Brunhild wonders whether her people will be scattered to the four winds. Wil has three victory tokens to spend, so he drops the Giants’ friendship track to neutral and takes one more Adversity token for himself.

Chapter 7
Current tokens: Dan 5s0a, Wil 4s3a, Jeff 4s3a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 1, Jeff 4
Adversity Bid: Wil 3, Jeff N/A (Wil gains 3 Spotlight)
Queen Rosheen is searching along the river that leads to the Elf Forest, hoping to find the Mantle along the way. Wil creates the river itself as a character.

Blood River: Red Water 1d10. Rapids 2d8. Giant Snapping Turtles 2d8. Marshy 3d6.

As Queen Rosheen floats down the river, a Giant Snapping Turtle emerges from the Red Water to bite off the front of her boat. The Royal Guards fight back, and Rosheen Plots her way around the problem (Jeff 10,8,? vs. Wil 5,4,1). The guards push the turtles back with long poles and the boat sails past them, into some Rapids, and a Storm has started, which makes the Marshes all that much harder to get through. Rosheen Plots to get under the trees out of the rain, and has her Royal Guard cut past any obstacles. (Jeff 3,2,?,1 vs. Wil 7,5,?). Since there’s a tie in victory tokens, Jeff can convert his remaining chapter tokens to victory tokens, which gives him three to spend. He advances his plot, and also radically changes a trait from Vain to Resourceful, to represent how good Rosheen is at getting past a variety of challenges.

Chapter 8
Current tokens: Dan 6s0a, Wil 6s2a, Jeff 0s5a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 4, Wil 6, Jeff 0
Adversity Bid: Wil N/A, Jeff 5 (Jeff gains 5 Spotlight)
Agnar is in the dungeon of the main tower of the main city of Halvak. On his way to the lower levels, he runs into Seichi Nevertongue the elf. Agnar wants to convince her to help him, but she tries to talk him out of it as a Diplomat and Windspeaker. Agnar is Courtly and Crafty and very convincing, and is motivated by his Barbarian honor. (Wil 8,7,4,3,2 vs. Jeff 7,4,3). Agnar convinces her to follow him, but she is still secretly untrusting. As they pass some guards, the elf calls out “Oh no, an escaped prisoner!” using her Diplomat trait as well as Windspeaker, and the guards come in as an active threat. Agnar feels betrayed, which brings his Vengeance into play alongside his Barbarian fighting skills. (Wil 7,6,5,4,1 vs. Jeff 9,5,1,1,1). Agnar tries to fight, but can’t defeat the guards and is forced to flee from them, taking Seichi Nevertongue with him. Agnar Craftily tries to sneak down into the lowest dungeon, past some guard patrols. (Wil 7,? vs. Jeff 4,1). Agnar chops some guards down with his giant sword to make sure he won’t have to deal with them on his way back up. A patrol of guards finds the chopped up remains of the guards, and attacks Agnar while Seichi the Elf tries to hold him. Agnar uses his Barbarian fighting skills, and Craftily tries to use Seichi as a shield against the guards. (Wil 8,6,4 vs. Jeff 8,6,5). One of the guards opens up a cell door to release one of the dangerous offenders to help fight Agnar (I used my “fan mail” to give a discount on the price of this because I enjoyed it). Agnar the Crafty Barbarian demands Vengeance against them! (Wil 8,6,5,4 vs. Jeff 8,6,5,3). Agnar fights them back. Seichi Nevertongue calls out with the voice of the east wind, summoning some Guard Dogs to join the fight. (Wil 7,6 vs. Jeff 8,8,8). Agnar flees into the bowels of the dungeon. Jeff spends his net 1 token to introduce Agnar’s father Arbald as the big prisoner that the guards released to join the fight who Agnar killed.

Arbald’s Spirit: Ghostly Wrath 1d10. Intangible 2d8. Barbaric Spirit 2d8. Bitter 3d6.

Chapter 9
Current tokens: Dan 4s0a, Wil 0s4a, Jeff 5s2a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 4, Wil 0, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil 4, Jeff 1 (Wil gains 4 Spotlight)
Brunhild is on the mountainside, looking for some safe haven. There are Goblins in the area, but as Lorekeeper Brunhild knows the anti-goblin techniques of her giant ancestors, and she is planning her actions carefully in a Contemplative manner. (Dan 6,6,?,1 vs. Wil 7,5). The plan doesn’t work, and goblins find them! As a Strong Giantess, Brunhild tries to smash the goblins, but the Stubborn nature of the giants is causing a problem, too. (Dan 6,4 vs. Wil 6,6). The goblins swarm over the giants. Brunhild tries to collapse the caves that the goblins are coming out of with her Giantess Strength, but the Treacherous nature of the mountains is a problem, and Brunhild is getting Tired as a passive environmental threat. (Dan 8,3 vs. Wil 8,6,?,1). The giants are in a rage against the goblins, and start digging through the cave collapse that Brunhild caused in order to get at them. The Strength of the giants is a problem, as well as the Vast Riches of goblin blood that the mountains contain. An active threat of Angry Giants is also introduced. I realized the chapter was unwinnable at this point, so I decided to introduce a new character, a dark mirror of Queen Rosheen to be the queen of the goblins.

Queen Morta: Royal Guard 1d10. Fleet of Foot 2d8. Direct 2d8. Resourceful 3d6.

Queen Morta (who Brunhild knows of as the Lorekeeper) isn’t pleased that the goblins are killing giants, since she would rather control them than kill them. She sends her Royal Guard against the goblins. The Fiery Mountain erupts, sending lava against the giants and Queen Morta. (Dan 7,5 vs. Wil 7,6,6,?). Wil has 4 tokens to spend, so he gives himself 2 Adversity tokens.

Chapter 10
Current tokens: Dan 2s0a, Wil 4s4a, Jeff 4s3a (Jeff says 4, though)
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 1, Jeff 4
Adversity Bid: Wil 4, Jeff N/A (Wil gains 4 Spotlight)
Queen Rosheen has travelled along the river to the forest where she will search for the Mantle of Summer. Wil introduces the Wardens of the Forest, the royal family of elves from the seed.

Wardens of the Forest: Elves 1d10. Nobles 2d8. Archers 2d8. Uncaring of Men 3d6.

From the darkness of the forest, Rosheen hears the Elves, who are Uncaring of Men, tell her to leave. (Jeff 10,? vs. Wil 7,5). Rosheen advances, undeterred by their whispers. Snakes slither out of the forest, and the Elves, still Uncaring, attack with their Archers. Rosheen is Resourceful, and she and her Royal Guard try to Plot their way out of the situation. (Jeff 7,7,6,? vs. Wil 9,7,5,?). They can’t however, and the rain of arrows drives them directly into the snakes. The Poison of the snakes is a new active threat. Jeff introduces a new character, a dark mirror of Seichi Nevertongue.

Freyalise Alwaystongue: Diplomat 1d10. Elf 2d8. Earth Speaker 2d8. Love for Halvak 3d6.

She tries to talk the other elves out of fighting, bringing her Elf and Diplomat traits in to help Rosheen’s Plotting and Royal Guard. (Jeff 10,10,?,1 vs. Wil 10,8,8,8,?,1). The elves concede that keeping the giants under the control of a civilized person is worthwhile, even if that person is a human, so they agree to allow Rosheen to talk to the Council. Jeff advances his plot, fulfilling his “Find the Artifact” plot segment. He talks to the Council of the Elves, who know that they are likely to be overthrown soon and don’t want to make enemies with Queen Rosheen, so they reveal that they have the Mantle of Summer and give it to her, knowing that she won’t be able to unlock its true power yet anyway.

Chapter 11
Current tokens: Dan 3s0a, Wil 7s2a, Jeff 0s6a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 4, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil N/A, Jeff 1 (Jeff gains 1 Spotlight)
Agnar is wandering around the dungeon, and the ghost of his father appears. Agnar, Courtly and Crafty as he is, tries to convince the spirit to reveal the location of the sword. The ghost’s confusion and disconnection from the mortal realm is a passive environmental threat (I use my “fan mail” to give a discount on that). (Wil 6,3,1 vs. Jeff 3,3,2). Agnar gets through to his father, who says that the sword is in a mine owned by a particularly greedy dwarf, and that’s all that he can remember. Agnar tries to sneak out of the dungeon with his Craftiness and his Barbarian wiles. (Wil 7,1,1 vs. Jeff 6,5,3). Wil won two Victory Tokens, and converts his three remaining chapter tokens into Victory Tokens, giving him five to spend. He advances the plot, tweaks his Vengeance to Perseverance, and changes his Barbarian trait from 2d8 to 1d10.

Chapter 12
Current tokens: Dan 4s0a, Wil 3s4a, Jeff 1s7a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 3, Wil 2, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil 4, Jeff 1 (Wil gains 4 Spotlight)
Brunhild tries to convince the goblin queen that the goblins and giants shouldn’t fight each other. Queen Morta, being Direct and Resourceful, tells Brunhild that she wants no part of the giants’ problems. Brunhild, as a Giantess and Lorekeeper of the People, reveals that in ancient times the goblins and giants were actually allies. (Dan 6,5 vs. Wil 8,6). Morta says it may have been that way in the past, but no longer. Brunhild has actually been Contemplating this for a while, though, and says that Morta is queen and could change things if she wanted to. (Dan 5,? vs. Wil 8,8,7,6). Morta says that the giants may be scattered and weak, but the goblins are stronger than ever. I activate the other giants, and she sees that even if the goblin nation is more powerful, there are a lot of big, strong giants right here right now. Brunhild also suggests that the goblins may be Creatures of Summer, just like the giants. Being Fleet of Foot and having a Royal Guard to protect her, Morta isn’t frightened of the giants. (Dan 8,?,1 vs. Wil 10,?,1). But giants are Stubborn, and don’t intend to leave until Morta is convinced. Brunhild once again proffers the theory she’s been Contemplating about an alliance between goblins and giants. (Dan 6 vs. Wil 3,1). Morta isn’t completely convinced, but is willing to call a temporary truce between goblins and giants while she considers what Brunhild has been saying. Wil spends his net two Victory Tokens to give himself another Adversity Token.

Chapter 13
Current tokens: Dan 3s0a, Wil 5s3a, Jeff 0s8a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 1, Jeff 0
Adversity Bid: Wil 1, Jeff 1 (Jeff gains 1 Spotlight)
Morta is very Direct, so she doesn’t need to think very long. She summons Brunhild back to make her final case. Her reluctance is a passive threat. Brunhild is the Lorekeeper of her People, and has also been Contemplating better arguments while she’s been waiting. Furthermore, being Strong and a Giantess makes her a naturally attractive ally. (Dan 8,8 vs. Jeff 6,?,1). I use my Victory Token to advance my plot by one, which completes my Escape the Chaos plot segment: securing an alliance with the goblins will give the giants some temporary peace, but Brunhild has realized that a military solution is the only one that will work.

Chapter 14
Current tokens: Dan 4s0a, Wil 4s4a, Jeff 1s9a
Spotlight Bid: Dan 1, Wil 4, Jeff 1
Adversity Bid: Wil N/A, Jeff 9 (Jeff gains 9 Spotlight)
Agnar is approaching Mxener’s mines, where his father said the sword would be. A huge shadow passes in front of the sun as the ancient dragon Aesnir Darkfang appears! (Jeff paid four tokens to create a character from scratch, and two more to introduce him in a possible yet surprising place). I found that amusing, so he got the “fan mail” discount.

Aesnir Darkfang: Dragon Rage 1d10. Fire Breath 2d8. Centuries Wise 2d8. Massive 3d6.

Agnar the Courtly, Crafty Barbarian readies himself for battle. Aesnir is in a Rage that a puny human is in his territory, and brings his Fire Breath to bear. (Wil 10,10,8,8 vs. Jeff 8,?). Agnar shields himself from the flames with his sword, and slashes at the dragon as it passes. The dragon’s Rage seems to be echoed by the mountain range itself, as a Fiery Mountain erupts. (Wil 10,8,5,2 vs. Jeff 9,7). Agnar slashes the dragon again, knocking him into a lava flow, and then moves to higher ground. The dragon lets out an earsplitting roar, which echoes as a passive environmental threat. (Wil 8,7,5 vs. Jeff 10,?). Aesnir looks like he’s wounded, but that just makes him angrier. He tries to grab Agnar in his mouth. Agnar dodges aside but is knocked down the mountain in the process. Agnar, demonstrating his Perseverance, keeps fighting. Aesnir pounds the mountain, starting a rockslide (Wil 10,8,? vs. Jeff 10,10,?). Aesnir is impressed by Agnar’s fighting, but still needs to assert dominance. He sends a final blast of fire at Agnar and then flies away. Since they were tied in Victory Tokens, Wil converts his remaining Chapter Tokens and advances his “Recover the Artifact” plot segment. Out of the lava flow of the erupting mountain, he pulls a huge sword forged of black steel: the sword of his father! Wil also alters his Perseverance trait to Dragon Hunter.

This session was a lot of fun. Creating characters out of geographic features was unexpected, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.